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1960’s paper dress at Vera Vague


Foot jewelry handmade by Masha Crochet is a cool summer fashion accessory that I could wear to the beach, around the house, to yoga…

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Something stylish handmade by MashaCrochet that I would wear to the beach, around the house, to yoga…


Nautical Panties Navy Blue and White Stripe with Lace ‘Bon Voyage’ Underwear Handmade to Order by ohhhlulu (29.00 USD)

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Simple Turquoise gold anklet/ bracelet - as mother gifts is going to States

Left the last one

Statement beadwork cocktail ring. Beadwoven by CallOfEarth on We Heart It.

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Okay time for another giveaway! This time with three winners :)

1st winner will get one of these sweet clutches

2nd winner gets 3 solid colored bows of their choice

3rd gets ONE bow of their choice


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Glass Candle Bridge in Shimmering Adventurine Green (20.00 USD)


title: DEPTHS

A small, heavily textured impasto painting that evokes the layers and depth of the sea. Hand drawn circular, metallic silver details capture and play with the light. 

9” x 9” x 1.5”
acrylic on gallery-stretched canvas w/staples in the back; sides are painted, so there’s no need to frame the artwork.